Sports for stimulating the height of young children

Not only for adults but even children, practicing sport regularly plays an important role in stimulating the development of the body. Especially for children, helping them choose one particular sport and maintain the practicing process day by day will help prevent obesity, encourage the child to become more energetic and vivacious and stimulate their grown of height.

There are various sports for young children which often make parents concern when picking one for practicing. According to some balance bike reviews, some choose to purchase one balance bike for their child. However, others tend to take them to go swimming instead.

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7 important benefits of balance bike

Most parents know that balance bike is a way to shorten the learning process of bicycle riding without using the auxiliary wheels. But things parents rarely recognize are another great benefits that balance bike brings from the perspective of learning and development of children.

1.  The curiosity–the first moment on a balance bike

When children sit on the balance bike , the first thing they do is to walk the bike between their legs. What they do is learning how to walk as well as moving the vehicle. Until that time, the children have never experienced walking forward while controlling something – bike. In this case, they have to handle additionally the turning to the left or right. They will be able to do that in just one day or two.
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Balance bike and Training wheels

Which is a better choice?

When you are going to prepare your children for learning to ride, parents us ought to consider how to choose a suitable bike that your kid can start to learn in the easiest way. Itis encouraged to buy balance bike instead of the bike with training wheels. So what are the reasons parents ought to let children use the balance bike?


In fact, cycling is one of the most essential and important skills that every child should learn from their young age, which will be associated with them until adulthood. Since learning to bicycle ride has many different methods, the question is: What is the fastest and most exciting way that helps kids learn to ride?

Typically, parents only have a single option which is buying a bicycle with training wheels, because they think their child can easily ride it. It is convenient and can be used immediately. But in fact, the kid would lose a lot of things that you cannot recognize – and balance bike completely fills the gaps. It brings joy; experiences that are extremely interesting and unique, making the learning how to bicycle ride of kids become something very special.

What is balance bike?

A balance bike is a bike suitable for children from 2 – 3 – 4-5 years old to let them know how to balance and ride a bicycle. A special feature of this bike balance is that it has no pedals and no transmission system.

A balance bike is the type of bike which is designed closely similar to a normal bicycle, but lighter, especially with no pedal system, no extra wheels. All is optimized for the child to learn the only thing, that is balancing – the most important skill in learning to ride a bicycle. A balance bike is designed for children to dab feet on the ground, using the push of their legs to get going. Therefore, it does not need pedals, and it is a perfect way to learn how to balance. Thanks to this very special design, kids can sit on the bike, get balance and move freely, which bike with training wheels cannot support them.

Balance bikes are usually made of metal and wood. It is a children’s bike with the pedals removed. Bike balance is designed specifically for small children ages from 2 to 5. It is not available with a conventional bike.

To the kid could use, a vehicle must be small enough to balance and the rider must be able to sit comfortably in the saddle when riding, put both feet on the ground. First manned stand above the saddle and then slowly sit down quietly with a real sense of comfort. Next, the driver uses the legs to push the bike to a reasonable speed. Finally, lift both legs off the ground and glide when two wheels have balance.

To understand more about the difference between two types of vehicles above, parents could check out the following comparison.


Balance bike

  • Kids learn balance skill quickly
  • Lightweight, mastering the bike
  • Maximum use of legs
  • Absolutely not dependent on adults
  • Ability to control is enhanced
  • The transition to normal bicycle will not encounter any difficulty
  • Bringing new experiences and more…

Bike with training wheels

  • Kids can hop on and pedal immediately with ease
  • No need the support of parents


Balance bike

  • Must replace with a real bicycle when kids becoming enough proficient on balance bike

Bike with training wheels

  • Harder to control, heavier bike because of training wheels
  • Not helping your child to balance the bike itself while moving
  • Relatively heavy for small kids
  • Kids will encounter difficulties when removing the training wheels
  • Kids may take a longer time to learn to ride a bike

When babies aged from 2 to 6, to be able to move on a two-wheel bicycle is difficult. Based on the benefits of encouraging children early become familiar with the bike, the balance bicycle was born. This vehicle has overcome the weaknesses and bad habits of children while they are exposed to the four-wheel bike. Babies using balance bicycle not only improve their health but also help shape their independent, autonomous personality in the future. Two universities in Copenhagen and Aarhus (Denmark) have also demonstrated that when children get familiar with the bike early, they will have a higher concentration, more intelligent and often have better scores than other classmates. Nowadays, in most developed countries in the world such as Japan, the US, and European countries…

Let your children explore everything freely, naturally and comfortably with balance bike, or restrict them on a heavy one with training wheels. Have you made your own decision?


Learning to bicycle ride is an important development step for small children. It often brings them the first feeling of freedom and independence. This is not a scary and threatening thing! But for many children it is, and it can take few weeks or months to talk with them about removing the safety of accessories-training wheels and starting to ride balance bikes as older children.

Most children have a natural sense of balance and it could easily be enhanced. However, introducing the attached training wheels prevents them from developing their natural instinct of balance. Instead, they will be dependent on the supporting wheels, which give them a false sense of protection. Indeed, it often makes the transition to a real bicycle become painful and frightening than ever.
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9 important things to keep in mind when buying balance bike for kids

The bicycle is one of the children favorite toys because the bike not only meets their playing needs, but it is also a “means of transportation” for little boys and girls. When choosing a bike that is suitable for your children is a very important thing to ensure the safety as well as the most exciting experience on the bike of their childhood.

Therefore, when buying bicycle for kids, parents need to keep in mind and consider the followings:
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